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Not a pushover

At the beginning of a new year, I usually ask God to give me a message for the year ahead. This year, the message was clear: My Shepherd is not a pushover. He is not intimidated by anything or anybody. Not caught off guard, and victorious in every battle. This might sound a bit obvious.Continue reading “Not a pushover”

Don’t give up!

So, you have poured your heart out over your keyboard. You have spent hours on research. You have read your work a thousand times over and over again and have edited like a heartless crazy-person. You have checked every Bible reference twenty times. You have searched for that perfect image and have struggled for hoursContinue reading “Don’t give up!”


Listen to my interview with Ekta Somera on M.S.C radio:

YA Christian Fiction

Timmy and Sonia are two little lambs from the Good Shepherd’s flock. Like all little lambs, they love to play and explore.
Join them as they learn Biblical principles and values from their everyday adventures. Easy to relate to and lots of fun to read.
Each story ends with relevant Scripture to encourage discussion about the Fruit of the Spirit and Biblical Proverbs. Ideal for family devotion-time.