Walking through the desert

I started my journey through this desert fifteen years ago, when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. An auto immune decease. In plain English, this means the immune system attacks the body itself. In the case of Rheumatoid Arthritis, the joints are the victims.  I felt like an old lady at twenty five.

Am I still in this desert? Yes.

So why am I telling you this? The answer is not straight forward. Maybe you are also in some sort of desert. Maybe you’ve been there for longer than I have. Maybe you’re in a much harsher part of the desert than me. Maybe you’ve never been in a desert and you’ll never be in a desert and you’re wondering why some people need to walk through deserts in life. I don’t have any answers. Sure there are many books and many sermons with many kinds of answers to the problem of pain and human suffering. But why try to find answers to it? What’s the point? Answers will not always take pain and suffering away.

I have learned that God can be worshiped in the desert. That life can be lived to the full and to His glory. It is a choice. You can fall down in the dust and decide to stay down and die. Or you can walk on and on until you find the path to streams in the desert. Don’t try to walk on without faith, then you’ll walk in circles like the Israelites did. No, walk like Joshua and Caleb. Walk in faith. Trust God’s promises.

I have found my best friend and married him, while I’m in this desert. I’ve become the mother of the most gorgeous little girl, while I’m in this desert. I’ve experienced God’s supernatural provision, more than once, while I’m in this desert. I’ve met the Holy Spirit, heard God’s voice, seen miracles, found my calling and had life changing experiences. All while I’m walking through this desert.

No, I do not understand and yes, sometimes I’ve had enough. But, I have decided that I will always honor God in everything I do. I will still praise and worship Him. It is a choice.

All is well with my soul

Published by Madeleine Venter

I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, author, blogger, homeschooling mother to a wonderful daughter and married to my best friend. My motto in life: Believing is seeing.

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