Already there

This is a short post just to let you know… God is already in the New Year. 
He’s busy cleaning the road ahead of you, making it straight. He is putting up signs and points men to guide you along and to make sure you stay on track. He’s got great things planned for you. And, best of all, He is going to walk with you, holding your hand, helping you up if you stumble.
Here are a few verses from the Bible to assure you of God’s presence in the year ahead and every year that follows. Read them. Meditate on them. Make them your own. Strengthen yourself in the Lord. They are promises from the heart of your loving Father to you. Yes you! He knows you by name. He is the God who sees you.

Have a blessed 2019!


Published by Madeleine Venter

I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, author, blogger, homeschooling mother to a wonderful daughter and married to my best friend. My motto in life: Believing is seeing.

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