God is Faithful

This week’s question in the “Welcome to my World” blogging challenge is

“What does the word WATER make you think of?”

When I hear the word WATER, I cannot help but remember one of the many times in which God had proven Himself faithful to me. At a time where I needed confirmation about being on the right track with my blogging, God showed that He was working alongside me.

It happened like this…

In September 2018, I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to write about God being the Fountain of Living Waters, and how people tend to drink from cracked cisterns instead of from the Fountain itself (Jer. 2:13, 17:13).

I also felt compelled to write about Jesus being the Living Water.

While I was writing, a friend of mine sent me an article from the “Messianic Bible Society”. She had no idea what I was busy writing about. The article described an ancient water ceremony performed during Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles/Booths). I almost fell off my chair while reading it! This is an extract from the article:

Each morning a procession of priests would go down to the Pool of Siloam accompanied by men and women dancing to the Lord with music and much rejoicing.

When they arrived at the Pool, a priest drew water using a golden pitcher.

While the priest drew the water, all of the other priests recited the following verse from Isaiah 12:3, “You shall draw forth water in joy from the wellsprings of salvation (Ushavtem mayim b’sason mimayney haYeshuah).”  These words have been popularized by a Jewish circle dance called Mayim, Mayim (Water, Water).

The Pool of Siloam symbolized the “wells of salvation,” and the Hebrew word for Salvation is very close to the name of our Messiah Yeshua.

Amazing, isn’t it? But, this was the part that really blew me away…

John 7:37 says that Yeshua was right there with everyone else during the Water Pouring Ceremony, and He declared in a loud voice:

“If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink.  Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”  (John 7:37–38)

He declared Himself to be the “Spring of Salvation”, the Fountain of Living Water!

As I have said, my friend had no idea what I was writing about, so her sending me the article was a miracle. But what I did not realise straight away, was the timing of my post. I had no idea that I was writing the post while Jews all over the world were in fact busy celebrating Sukkot!

God prompting me to write that post during the time of Sukkot, and also prompting my friend to send me the article, was my confirmation that He was working alongside me and that I was doing the right thing.

We are instruments in His hands. He gave us our gifts and talents to use for the Great Commission.

All that He needs is a willing heart. He will do the rest.

God bless


PS: The blogpost that I have written about is from my Afrikaans blog, Blog vir Jesus, and you can read it here.

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Published by Madeleine Venter

I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, author, blogger, homeschooling mother to a wonderful daughter and married to my best friend. My motto in life: Believing is seeing.

8 thoughts on “God is Faithful

  1. This is lovely, Madeleine. Isn’t it fabulous when God shows up and reveals you are doing exactly what He wanted?
    I love your photo at the top. It reminds me of a time a few years ago when we took a ferry trip across Algoa Bay, the bay where my home city of Port Elizabeth is situated. Miles and miles of water …(and literally not a drop to drink!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s a picture of the Sea of Galilee, taken during our tour there in 2014. I would love to do that, take a ferry trip across Algoa Bay. Must have been an experience!


  2. This is fantastic! God shows up when and where He is at work! We really don’t have to stress and worry, when He has given us the gifts He has called us to use He creates the pathway forward. A lovely picture of the Sea of Galilee

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very true! He shows up where He is at work and creates the pathway forward. Reminds me of Prov. 3:6. Thank you 🙂


  3. Jesus of course had a lot to do with water. He turned water into wine in his first miracle. He crossed te Sea of Galilee numerous times with His disciples. He walked on water. He was baptised by John in the River Jordan. He promises us the living water of the Holy Spirit. What a wonderful Saviour.

    Liked by 1 person

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