Why we will never celebrate Halloween

Why will you never see our family celebrate Halloween? Because we love God. We have taken radical steps in an attempt to make Jesus the center of our home and to live righteously. You see, God hates everything about Halloween. How can I be so sure of this? Because that’s what the Bible tells me…Continue reading “Why we will never celebrate Halloween”

You are significant

You are significant! Yes, you! Even if you were the only one reading this post, it would be worth it. Seriously? Yes! Because you are valuable and very important to God. You see, the day that you were created, He already had a good and significant plan for your life. I know that to beContinue reading “You are significant”

How to live righteously

What exactly does it mean to live righteously?First of all one should look at the exact meaning of the word righteous. According to Strong it means to be just or lawful. We are justified by Christ, therefore we are now the righteous of God. (2 Cor. 5:21, Rom. 3:24) We are declared righteous, not guilty, and freeContinue reading “How to live righteously”

Trust in God’s lovingkindness

Lovingkindness is a characteristic of God that we read about a lot in the Old Testament. But what exactly does it mean? According to biblestudytools.com, the original Hebrew word, translated as loving-kindness, means: “to bend or bow oneself” “to incline oneself” “to be gracious or merciful” This is who our God is. Think of the lovingkindnessContinue reading “Trust in God’s lovingkindness”

Please! No more conspiracy theories!

I don’t know about you, but all these conspiracy theories regarding COVID-19 are getting on my nerves. Seriously.   You have probably had your fair share as well, so I am not even going to mention any of them floating around right now. I am just going to tell you why I have a problem withContinue reading “Please! No more conspiracy theories!”

Gifts of the Spirit

According to the Bible, you, as a born again, Spirit filled, child of God, have been given Spiritual gifts. I’m not talking about your natural talents and abilities. These all work together with your Spiritual gifts. I am talking supernatural gifts! So, what exactly is it and why were Christians given these gifts? Well, firstContinue reading “Gifts of the Spirit”