Passover. It’s all about Jesus

For this week’s question in the ‘Welcome to my World’ blogging challenge I am republishing a post that I have written in 2018. This week’s question is: “What one thought would you most like to share with us in regards to Easter?” My answer: “It’s all about Jesus” I have researched Passover traditions, and wasContinue reading “Passover. It’s all about Jesus”

Are things falling apart?

We know that everything, including us, are made up by zillions of small building blocks, called molecules. Don’t worry, this is not a lesson in science, but in order for us to understand an amazing statement in the Bible, we need to first understand some science. So, what is a molecule? “A molecule is theContinue reading “Are things falling apart?”

Why we will never celebrate Halloween

Why will you never see our family celebrate Halloween? Because we love God. We have taken radical steps in an attempt to create a Christ-centered home and to live righteously. We are so thankful for God’s love and provision that no effort we make, to live to His glory, is too radical for us. Celebrating HalloweenContinue reading “Why we will never celebrate Halloween”

Could you be a stumbling block?

Luke 17:1 in the Amplified Bible says: “Jesus said to His disciples, ‘Stumbling blocks (temptations and traps to lure one to sin) are sure to come, but woe (judgement is coming) to him through whom they come!’” Now surely, if you are a born again child of God, you will not set up traps toContinue reading “Could you be a stumbling block?”