Not a pushover

At the beginning of a new year, I usually ask God to give me a message for the year ahead. This year, the message was clear: My Shepherd is not a pushover. He is not intimidated by anything or anybody. Not caught off guard, and victorious in every battle. This might sound a bit obvious.Continue reading “Not a pushover”

Don’t give up!

So, you have poured your heart out over your keyboard. You have spent hours on research. You have read your work a thousand times over and over again and have edited like a heartless crazy-person. You have checked every Bible reference twenty times. You have searched for that perfect image and have struggled for hoursContinue reading “Don’t give up!”

Why write for Christ?

There are different reasons why writers decide to write for the Christian audience. Whether a religious blog, Christian fiction or worship songs. Whatever the type of writing, they’ve made the decision to write for Christ. I’ve read the following statement that stuck with me and eventually became my motto in writing:  “The Gospel frees usContinue reading “Why write for Christ?”

Roll it over

I’m sure most of you reading here today have had nights of tossing and turning and worrying. Well, I for sure have! I suppose it comes with being human. It was after one such a particular night that the Lord revealed something amazing to me. I had been fretting and praying the whole night overContinue reading “Roll it over”

Seeing greater things

This week’s question in the “Welcome to my World” blog challenge is: What new thing have you learned this last week? After watching episode 2 of The Chosen, season 2, I was deeply touched by the calling of Nathanael. I’m sure those of you who have watched it could relate. Nathanael said to him, “HowContinue reading “Seeing greater things”

God is Faithful

This week’s question in the “Welcome to my World” blogging challenge is “What does the word WATER make you think of?” When I hear the word WATER, I cannot help but remember one of the many times in which God had proven Himself faithful to me. At a time where I needed confirmation about beingContinue reading “God is Faithful”

This New Day

I am taking part in the “Welcome to my world” blogging challenge where the idea is to answer a question about your world every week and build the message of your post around that answer. The question for this week is “What do you see as you look out your window today?” My answer isContinue reading “This New Day”

Serving the Master

“When did you decide to become a writer?” Ask any true writer this question and they will probably not even answer you. It’s like asking, ‘so when did you decide to become human?’ or ‘when did you decide to start breathing?’ You don’t decide to become a writer. It’s just what you are. Yes, okay,Continue reading “Serving the Master”


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